Professor Messer’s Cisco CCENT/CCNA 100-105 ICND1 Course Notes PDF

Professor Messer’s Cisco CCENT/CCNA
100-105 ICND1 Course Notes PDF

  • 61 pages of notes
  • Summaries of every exam objective
  • Detailed charts and graphics
  • Network diagrams with configurations
  • CLI commands and sample output
  • Digital PDF – Immediate delivery
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Comprehensive notes from Professor Messer

Cisco’s ICND1 exam is a big one. You have to know the internal operation of routers and switches, you need extensive command line knowledge, and your troubleshooting skills will be pushed to the limit. Having gone through the Cisco certification process myself, I know that taking this exam will test everything you know about networking.

I’ve taken all of the important pieces of the ICND1 exam objectives and collapsed them into this comprehensive set of Course Notes. If you’re looking for a final checklist of your knowledge and troubleshooting skills, these are the notes for you!

What’s in Professor Messer’s Cisco CCENT/CCNA 100-105 ICND1 Course Notes PDF?

Detailed notes: I cover every topic from the Cisco exam objectives. There are over 60 pages of notes!

Graphical explanations: It’s not enough just to read through some text. I include plenty of graphical charts and tables to hammer the points home.

Network diagrams and configurations: Network administrators rely on detailed diagrams for design and troubleshooting. I show both the network design and the commands that created it.

Contextual CLI command overviews: I really dislike reading through pages of command line explanations without any perspective or context. In my Course Notes, all of the commands are included with detailed explanations and examples.

Read it for yourself. Download a sample copy!

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If you order the physical book version of the Course Notes, I’ll also provide the digital PDF version for immediate download. You’ll see shipping options available during checkout, and most orders are shipped within three to five business days.

Thanks for your support of my Cisco Course Notes, and best of luck with your studies!

– James “Professor” Messer

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Printed Course Notes book and PDF – $35

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