Develop skills to
drive results

With Pluralsight, you can align your technology strategy to a skills strategy that moves you forward faster.

The clarity you
need to lead

Many leaders lack visibility into what their employees are capable of or how to best leverage their teams to deliver on their technology strategy. That ends now.

Index tech skills across your organization with Skill IQ
Upskill employees into modern tech roles with Role IQ
Build fluid teams that meet objectives with skills analytics

The skills to move faster

With our platform, you can tap into expertise from anywhere and develop skills quickly, so you can bring products to life sooner and boost productivity.

Access the expertise of our network

  • Over 1,500 authorities teaching the latest technologies and process
  • Courses on cloud, microservices, machine learning, security, Agile
    and more

Develop and apply skills in record time

Overcome roadblocks

  • Knowledge share across your org
  • Powerful strategy and
    onboarding services

Succeed ahead of schedule

Become more reliable, adaptable, scalable and secure

Speed up release cycles

Cut costs and improve efficiency

ROI with <6 months payback period

in savings from faster product development

*Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Pluralsight, an October 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Pluralsight.

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